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"Finding somebody to make our website was very easy, but finding somebody to put their heart in to it was just our good luck as we could have given this job to any one of the multitude of website builders out there from Dundee to India.

Dealing with Fly On The Wire has been like working with a close friend. Effort, commitment, speed, support; I would give Fly On The Wire 10 out of 10. There is no doubt in my mind that as our company grows; it will still rely on FOTW for all its future needs.

The site is now being developed further to include sign up to a membership database used as a customer incentive and relationship management tool. Fly On the wire have developed both the web interface as well as a back end system which allows us to add points to customer accounts through the use of a bar code scanner. Fly sourced the scanner and have been responsible for the entire system.

They have been both flexible in delivering a system tailored to our requirements as well as allowing a flexible payment scheme."

Vas Salimi -

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